Lafayette SKYWARN will be activated for:

  1. Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches
  2. Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings
  3. Flood Warning (if not already activated for the Flood Watch)
  4. Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings
  5. Hurricane Watches and Warnings

Highest Priority/Life Threatening Criteria.

Please report without delay the National Weather Service ...


Other High Priority/Life Threatening Criteria.

Please report as soon as possible to the National Weather Service ...

  1. Flooding of rivers or streams into homes or industries. Also report flooding which make roadways totally impassable.
  2. Any thunderstorm winds which produce structural damage to houses, power lines or entire trees.
  3. Rises of streams or rivers to bankfull conditions.
  4. Any KNOWN storm surge inundations of coastal areas. Never go to the shore to investigate it yourself and EVACUATE immediately if told to do so by Emergency Management Personnel.
  5. The highest wind gust during the tropical storm/hurricane.
  6. The lowest barometric pressure and time it occurred during a tropical storm/hurricane.
  7. Total event rainfall amount during a tropical storm/hurricane.
  8. Known deaths or injuries due to lightning during a tropical storm/hurricane.

Please include the following items in all your SKYWARN reports:

  1. You are a Lafayette SkyWarn Member and your name.
  2. Where you observed it. (Town and Parish names please!)
  3. When you observed it.
  4. What you have observed.

NEVER place yourself in any danger when reporting Severe Weather! We need you, and thank you for your help!